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We manufacture a wide range of Electrical panel boards and other Electrical products like AMF, APFC, Auto changeover, Load sharing and starter panels, Bus-ducts, Control desks, Feeder pillars, Junction boxes, motor distribution boards, Motor control & power control centers.

Our products are used by top quality raw materials which are used in Electrical manufacturing like metals, conductors, wiring, Insulators, etc.

  • EB metering panel
  • CT Metering panel
  • Main Switch Board, Power Switch Board, Lighting Switch Board, AC Panels
  • MCC Motor Control Center, PCC Power Control Center
  • Medium Voltage panels
  • Harmonic reactor panels
  • Automatic power factor correction panels
  • Automatic changeover panels
  • Control panels VFD panels, Temperature controller panels, pressure control panels, motor starters
  • PLC based automation panels
  • Feeder Pillar panels Rising mains Bus ducts Junction boxes
  • Outdoor type panels weather proof
  • Power and Lighting Distribution boards